Friday, February 27, 2009

Topshop S/S 09

Western Chic, anyone?

The UK-based store describes its new line with the following text:
"Take a trip to Memphis - America's Deep South - as splatter bleached denim, feather print tunics and slashed tees are infused with ethnic nuances. Pale jeans and oversized dresses are given a hand crafted feel with Mexican style embroidered trims, while cowboy shirts are strewn with stud work. With a nod to Rodeo styling, cropped jackets appear in lilac and marine-blue suede and shrunken waistcoats are adorned with folkloric prints. Leather satchels, studded heels and boots with tasselled laces finish off the Memphis look."

Some try to argue that the fashion world portrays current political affairs, though I sometimes wonder. However, could this collection be an expression of positive feelings for America? Following the election, in terms of being in the UK at least, people seemed to direct a new sort of respect toward Americans. I'm not just saying that - I literally had people tell me that it was ok to be an American after Obama entered the White House. Anyway, while this collection is probably the most stereotypical representation of America, it speaks to traditional American values - the notion of conquering the West and the rest of the country. America was a land of hope for many, though I feel that in general internationally that feeling has subsided over the years. This collection however, seems to echo the early ideas of America as a land of freedom and rebelliousness. Could Topshop's collection be a representation of the re-emergence of America as a revolutionary country that gives hope to other nations? That's probably taking it way too far, and even glorifying the country a little too much, but I can't help but wonder if this new wave of fashion exemplifies the recent growth of positivity toward America, while giving Europeans the opportunity to consume the identity of the other.

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